Camellios Partners With More Trees

Camellios is delighted to announce that we have partnered with More Trees. We’re reducing our carbon footprint by planting trees to help the environment.

Who Are More Trees?

More Trees have a simple goal. They want to plant 1 billion trees across the world to help reforest the planet and combat the negative impacts of climate change. 
The thing that drew us to More Trees is the work they do with local communities in less developed countries. They partner with regulated NGOs who engage with locals to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty across the world.By hiring and training local villagers to plant trees, More Trees are helping to provide consistent income for workers and their families, which in turn supports the local economy.
On top of this, every tree planted reduces carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while also overcoming the negative effects of deforestation on animal populations and the environment.
More Trees are currently involved in projects in Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti.
How Bad Is The Problem?
You may have heard a lot about the Amazon rainforest fires and deforestation recently. But is it really that big of an issue?
The primary function of trees is to absorb harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and converting it into oxygen which we then breath. In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced when driving a car for 26,000 miles.
Unfortunately, tree populations around the globe have been declining at an alarming rate. Every year around 15 billion trees are cut down. That’s roughly 2.5 million trees every day or enough trees to fill 48 football pitches every minute.
This causes animal populations to decline, as their ecosystems are destroyed and presents serious challenges to future generations after us.


What Are We Doing To Help?

Since our launch, sustainability has always been an important ethos at Camellios. We not only care about great tasting tea blends but also ensuring that our product has a minimal impact on the environment. That’s why our retail packaging is recyclable & plastic-free and the tea bags we use are biodegradable.
Now we’re going further. As part of our 5% to Charity scheme, we promised to donate 5% of all profits to charitable causes & sustainability projects. Although the business is still in its early stages, we feel that now is the time to start doing something.
We’ve committed to plant a minimum of 5 trees a month through More Trees and will plant an extra tree for every online order over £30. As we continue to grow, we hope to increase this commitment further. Together we can reforest the planet!
You can check our virtual forest here:

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