Iced Tea Recipe: Tropical Rooibos

This one is for iced tea lovers. We’re sharing a simple yet delicious iced tea recipe using our Tropical Rooibos blend.

We’re using a 1.5 litre jug which will serve between 3 and 4 people.


Boil 1.5L of water to 100 degrees
Brew 4 Tropical Rooibos tea bags for 3-5 minutes
Let the tea cool for around an hour, until it reaches room temperature
Add 2 table spoons of sugar and mix well
Squeeze half an orange and add a few orange slices
Add 10 mint leaves and mix
Finally throw a healthy amount of ice to your liking
There you have it! Stay refreshed with our exotic tropical tea blend and if you fancy something different check out our other teas here. Our entire range can be turned into delicious cold brews.

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